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A Boutique
Talent and HR
Consulting Firm

Rooted locally, working regionally.




Since our inception, Treize has been totally focused on building a strategic and quality search practice.

Treize is a boutique talent and human resources consultancy with a passion for supporting the growth of local and multinational companies across the emerging markets. Established in 2019, our team offers you a young and dynamic full-service consultancy, combining knowledge, 15+ years of experience and expertise so you can be confident that you're in the best of hands and have access to the best solutions available.




All that we do is geared towards one result, ensuring a successful outcome for our clients, talents and our employees.


Transparency forms the backbone of Treize. We aim to maintain the highest standards of transparency and honesty in all our interactions with our talents and clients.


Our success is built on helping others achieve their goals. We understand nurturing and sustaining relationships within our industry is the key to exceptional service.


Being innovative is an integral part of our service proposition. We look to seek innovative solutions throughout our work. We add the extra to ordinary to provide an effortless experience for others.


No matter the size of the challenge, we follow through on our promises. We are committed to the outcome and the people involved.




Permanent Hire

A bespoke strategic recruitment solution that identifies the right talent for your permanent hire needs and connects your organisation to the best people in the market. We take the time needed to get under your skin and to really understand your company culture, ambitions and needs. To ensure that the service you receive is precise, effective and finds the best talent for your organisation. 

Our approach to recruitment will also help protect and enhance your brand. Working with you on an exclusive or retained basis, we will go to market as your brand ambassador, promoting you as the employer of choice.

Retained Search

The retained search solution helps your businesses to scale, recruiting leadership teams from the board down. As a young business, we have a culture of disruption, innovation and excellence, ensuring that we provide you with effective solutions to complex leadership challenges and enabling transformation within your organisation. 



We are well versed in the execution of niche, confidential or business-critical leadership hires, operating in a discrete manner with your brand protection at the forefront.

Contract Hire

If you need a team for a specific project or require a particularly hard-to-find skill for a limited time, we will ensure a superior service.

Contractors compliment you're existing permanent team whilst providing flexibility and reducing risk. We have a strong background in supplying contract talent for the life science and consumer industry and have a pre-screened pool of experienced and highly-skilled talents that we can deploy at short notice. 

Talent Mapping 

Treize Talent mapping solution will help your business to understand the current market landscape, both in terms of talent as well as competition. A talent map can be role-based, or a top-level market overview, and can include information on talent in other companies and candidate supply and demand.


Our Talent Mapping addresses key dilemmas across your talent strategy head-on. It is an entirely bespoke practical solution that gives you the data and insight required to enable critical decision making, planning around succession, strategic key hiring and understanding the competitive landscape. Talent mapping offers you considerable savings, as it represents a fraction of the cost of a full recruitment search.

Project Solutions

Project solution will provide you with a flexible resource to kick start projects with an experienced team at a significant cost reduction. 




Treize is a specialist recruiter offering superior talent solutions to clients across our chosen sectors on an international basis.  



  • An endless pool of potential talent as we work with a limited amount of clients in any one segment we serve.

  • Reaching the unreachable - We will leave no stone unturned, we penetrate passive markets and discover the candidate that will fit your role perfectly. 

  • We really get to know all of the candidates we put forward - by meeting in person, through video or telephone calls, we get a real understanding of what drives them and makes them successful.





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